ELH Challenge #12 – Transform Infographics Into Interactive Graphics

The objective of this challenge – Transform Infographics Into Interactive Graphics – is to take a static infographic and rebuild it as an interactive infographic.

For this project, I adapted NeoMam Studios’ 13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Infographics into a multi-slide scrolling interaction. To maintain the look and feel of the original, I used Camtasia to capture and render the animated panels as.gif files. This presented something of a problem when I went to publish the project as there appeared to be an issue publishing animated gifs to HTML5 in Storyline 2Kudos to Susan Jones for discovering a workaround for this – exporting the video and images at the highest possible quality (9 and 100% respectively). I also noticed, as others have, that the animated gif slows down considerably when brought into Storyline 2, but this issue seems to be resolved in Storyline 3.

The other challenge I had, which at this time still remains unresolved, was to add a timer to the last slide which would display the amount of time someone has been viewing the entire project. I investigated a number of promising solutions in the Articulate Community but couldn’t find one that worked as I had intended.

If you can think of a solution, please feel free to reply with some suggestions.

Click here or on the image above to launch demo


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