ELH Challenge #7 – Converting Static Content to Interactive Knowledge Checks

The objective of this challenge – Converting Static Content to Interactive Knowledge Checks – is to convert an existing content slide and convert it to an interaction using one of the Storyline’s six free-form questions.

For this challenge, I combined a few static slides from a human rights education training with some fill-in-the-blank questions from the unit’s quiz.


Using the Pick One free-form questions, participants can select from one of 6 possible answers and receive immediate feedback.

The icons used in the buttons are courtesy of the Noun Project – specifically Atom from Creative Stall, Natural by Greg Cresnar, Interconnected Circles by Davo Sime, Globe by iconsphere, Progress by Adam Stevenson, and Share by Vaidehi Bala.


Click here or on the above image to launch demo


ELH Challenge #2 – Folder Tabs Interactions

The objective of this challenge – Show Us Your Best Folder Tabs Interactions – is to design a 5-tab interaction as a way to chunk content into meaningful sections—or tabs—so learners can remain focused in the moment without jumping out to new slides.

I chose to build a simple interaction containing drug information for a medication called Escitalopram. The background image is by yanayla courtesy of FreePik.


Click here or on the image above to launch demo.