ELH Challenge #11 – Design a Comic Book Theme for Your E-Learning Course

The objective of this challenge – Design a Comic Book Theme for Your E-Learning Course – is to design a comic book e-learning template.

The idea for this project came from an experience I had  a few months ago where I was verbally assaulted in a park while walking my dog in the early morning. I was followed by a man who shouted obscenities, hate speech, and threats at me – and no bystanders stopped, intervened, or checked to see if I was okay. This got me thinking about the Bystander Effect and what bystanders can do to support others as reported incidents like this appear to be on the rise. Here are just a few strategies:

For this challenge, I used comic book style frames shared by Articulate Community member, Ana Lucia Barguil, a background image from the Toronto subway from Justin Main, courtesy of Unsplashand illustrated characters within Storyline 2.

Click here or on the image above to launch demo

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