ELH Challenge #11 – Design a Comic Book Theme for Your E-Learning Course

The objective of this challenge – Design a Comic Book Theme for Your E-Learning Course – is to design a comic book e-learning template.

The idea for this project came from an experience I had  a few months ago where I was verbally assaulted in a park while walking my dog in the early morning. I was followed by a man who shouted obscenities, hate speech, and threats at me – and no bystanders stopped, intervened, or checked to see if I was okay. This got me thinking about the Bystander Effect and what bystanders can do to support others as reported incidents like this appear to be on the rise. Here are just a few strategies:

For this challenge, I used comic book style frames shared by Articulate Community member, Ana Lucia Barguil, a background image from the Toronto subway from Justin Main, courtesy of Unsplashand illustrated characters within Storyline 2.

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ELH Challenge #10 – Shoot Your Own E-Learning Background Graphics

The objective of this challenge – Shoot Your Own E-Learning Background Graphics – is to shoot your own background graphics using your office or work area as the primary location.

These photos were taken at a nearby library. A dark filter was used to give the background a little deeper and richer feel.


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ELH Challenge #8 – Create an E-Learning Template from Clip Art

The objective of this challenge – Create an E-Learning Template from Clip Art – is to create one or more e-learning template slides using free clip art objects.

I had a challenging time locating classic clipart in a file format that could be pulled apart, so I decided to use a vector icon from Flaticon instead. The original icon is featured on the first slide and the few design elements contained in the project are pulled from it. A few textures and patterns were added as accents. The image used in the video thumbnail is courtesy of Michael Browning via Unsplash.


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ELH Challenge #7 – Converting Static Content to Interactive Knowledge Checks

The objective of this challenge – Converting Static Content to Interactive Knowledge Checks – is to convert an existing content slide and convert it to an interaction using one of the Storyline’s six free-form questions.

For this challenge, I combined a few static slides from a human rights education training with some fill-in-the-blank questions from the unit’s quiz.


Using the Pick One free-form questions, participants can select from one of 6 possible answers and receive immediate feedback.

The icons used in the buttons are courtesy of the Noun Project – specifically Atom from Creative Stall, Natural by Greg Cresnar, Interconnected Circles by Davo Sime, Globe by iconsphere, Progress by Adam Stevenson, and Share by Vaidehi Bala.


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ELH Challenge #5 – Desktop and Office Theme Designs in E-Learning

The objective of this challenge – Desktop and Office Theme Designs in E-Learning – to create an office or desktop course template.

The background image is by kstudio courtesy of FreePik.  The 3 stormtrooper images, from top to bottom are from Tookapic via Pexels, from Tookapic via Pixabay, and from aitoff via Pixabay.

The videos included in this interaction are from Its hard to be a stormtrooper’s YouTube Channel and the MC Hammer music video is from Schmitstudios YouTube channel.


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ELH Challenge #3 – Gate Screens in Online Courses

The objective of this challenge – Gate Screens in Online Courses – is to design a two-slide interaction that includes a content screen and a gate screen.

Inspired by my experiences with Zen Buddhism while living and travelling in East Asia, I decided to construct an interaction based on a collection of Zen teachings referred to as The Gateless Gate – but more accurately translated as The Gateless Barrier.

This project is a playful take on one of the more well-known Kōans from this collection: entitled Joshu’s Dog. Like many Zen puzzles, the answer is not always obvious, but deeper investigation of the question can reveal greater truths.

The dog image was sourced from SnapStock and the background image comes from the Creative Commons collection at Bucketlist Photos.

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ELH Challenge #2 – Folder Tabs Interactions

The objective of this challenge – Show Us Your Best Folder Tabs Interactions – is to design a 5-tab interaction as a way to chunk content into meaningful sections—or tabs—so learners can remain focused in the moment without jumping out to new slides.

I chose to build a simple interaction containing drug information for a medication called Escitalopram. The background image is by yanayla courtesy of FreePik.


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ELH Challenge #1 – Showing Interactive Comparisons

The objective of this challenge – How Would You Show Meaningful Comparisons? – is to design an interactive graphic to show relative sizes for a series of airplanes. Graphics and data were to be based on this Wikipedia entry on giant aircraft.

I decided to construct a simple radio-button interaction to show the comparison. The introduction screen used a free stock video clip by Obstakl on Clipcanvas as the slide background. I carried this background pattern throughout the rest of the project.


Click here or on the image above to launch the demo.